Through the Eyes of Children

Through the Eyes of Children at 1708 Gallery

For its next event the Bijou Film Center is delighted to present a film program called Through the Eyes of Children. It will feature the Richmond premiere of “Chekhov for Children,” along with two short films.

The presentation will take place at 1708 Gallery, 319 W. Broad St, on Fri., June 10 and Sat., June 11. The doors will open at 7:30 p.m. The Bijou Film Center's members will be admitted free; their guests will be asked to make $5 donations to the film center. Beer, wine, coffee and soft drinks will be made available for purchase.

“Chekhov for Children” (2010) was directed by Sasha Waters Freyer, who is the current chair of VCU’s Photography and Film Department. Her 72-minute documentary employs a creative license that's both unusual and quite charming. It combines student films shot in 1979 and modern footage to explore the interplay between life and art across a span of 30 years. The Bijou’s film program will start at approximately 8:30 p.m. on both nights. “Les Mistons” (1957) by François Truffaut, “Mouseholes” (1999) by Helen Hill and “Chekhov for Children” will be screened in that order.

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Breaking news! Screen and seats from The Westhampton going to The Bijou.

The ownership of the building that housed the Westhampton Theatre (1938-2016) has decided – make that generously decided! – to donate the 279 seats and screen from Theatre 2 (the upstairs auditorium) to the Bijou Film Center. Needless to say, it came as great news to us when a spokesman for Westhampton LLC, confirmed the other night that it is willing to help us out in this way.

Soon we'll need to put together a small crew of volunteer workers to help remove and store this equipment. Stay tuned …

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